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Are You Looking For Help From a Certified Cat Trainer

You have options!
Option 1 - Behavior Consult
This service is a strategic approach where I not only help you find the reason why your cat is doing a particular behavior and recommend adjustments to help bring harmony and happiness back into your home but also identify any other potential situation that may develop into a future problem.  Blinders are off and we will cover everything!

A behavior consult typicall lasts 2 hours to thoroughly cover each step in the 3 step process -

  • Step 1 - Uncover the source of the problem based on answers provided in the questionnaire as well as observations made during the session.


  • Step 2 - Empower you with insight about why your cat does or did a particular behavior to help you troubleshoot yourself in the future, if needed 

  • Step 3 - We create a plan together that will fit your schedule, lifestyle, and budget to prevent the same behavior from happening again (as well as the possibility of others popping up.) 

When possible, I will provide you with multiple options to choose from to help keep your cat, your home and you as happy and stress-free as possible for many years.  While all three steps will be covered in our session, please note that the homework may take longer before the issue is completely resolved. 
$275 for an home consultation
$225 for an online consultation

Option 2 - Targeted Training Session
This session is solely focused on the problem behavior you are concerned about, such as 
scratching on furniture, jumping on counters, going into the carrier easy, etc.  Blinders are on for this session and only the problem behavior will be covered.  If other potential areas are noticed, then an upgrade to a behavior consultation will be recommended.
$85 for single 45 minute in home session*          

New Client Forms:

Currently, In-home services are only offered in the North Georgia region.
*Additional fee may apply to locations outside service area.*

While Covid-19 may not be making the usual headlines, there are other germs around that could infect you and \or your pets.  Please see my Covid-19 Safety Protocols here for more information about in-home visits.  Your health and your pets' health are still a priority.

Accepted forms of payment - Credit or debit cards, Venmo and Cash apps, cash, and checks.  Please plan to provide full payment before the appointment.

Cat training in Snellville, GA - train your cat to stop scratching on furniture

Keep your cat AND your furniture!  Book a session to find out why kitty is scratching your furniture and learn how to get her to stop.

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