Covid-19 Saftey Protocols

As mentioned in part of my story, my previous career was working in an Emergency Room for 25 years.  Plus, with my experience working in and with multiple local shelters, I am very aware and sensitive with Universal Precautions.  For the safety of not only my clients, their pets but also my own household I have had in place very strict guidelines even before I started Alex's Feline Training and Behavior Consulting, LLC.

While Covid-19 affected us all in may ways, and still has left most of us with more questions than answers, I have done my best to ensure that all clients will not have to worry about their family or home being at risk with my services.  Below is the updated version of my Saftey Protocols:

Safety Protocols

Below are the measures taken to ensure the health and safety of people and pets under the care of Alex’s Feline Training and Behavior Consulting, LLC:

  1. Cat Sitting Meet & Greets can be started with a virtual meeting (Skype or Zoom) where a tour of home will be given.  A physical meeting can always be performed where Alex will be able to have a brief interaction with pets, while both Alex and clients wear masks and maintain recommended 6 feet social distancing.

  2. Clients are asked to have all pet supplies gathered into one central location.  To help ensure your protection and peace of mind, you may also have separate dedicated sitter supplies that only Alex will touch.  Upon request only, Alex may bring her own equipment such as litter scoopers and trash bags to use for each individual client.

  3. Alex’s Feline Training and Behavior Consulting, LLC is currently transitioning to a paperless system.  All daily pet reports will be sent via text or email updates.  Service Agreements and Cat Care forms will be sent electronically.  At this time, payment is asked to be paperless as well.

  4. Prior to visit, all clients will be prescreened and asked

~ If they are currently feeling any symptoms

~ If they have been exposed to anyone recently diagnosed or showing symptoms

  5.  Any client with potential exposure will be visited last.

  6.  Before entering a client’s home, Alex will:

~ Remove shoes or put on shoe covers

~ Properly place face mask (covers nose and mouth)

~ Apply hand sanitizer before knocking on door, ringing doorbell, or use key\key pad     to enter home

~ Apply gloves, when requested by client or when client is feeling sick

~ Maintain 6-foot distance

   7.  During the visit, any surface that is touched, including keys, alarm key pads, door     

         handles, wand toy handles, litter scoopers, etc. will be cleaned and wiped down with an

         alcohol pad

   8.  After the visit, Alex will wash her hands, again wipe key pads, keys, and door handles

          with alcohol pad and change socks for next visit.  For extra protection, all clothing can

          be changed between visits, if needed (for example if a cat might be sick or if the next

          client has a cat very sensitive to other animal smells.)