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Are You Planning on Bringing Home a New Cat?

Whether your cat will be an only pet or included with resident pets, your new family member will need some extra support during this very important transition time.  The most important thing you will need to do before bringing your new kitty home is to set up the "safe room".  In this guide, you'll learn why this safe room is important, how to prep the room, steps once you bring the new kitty home, and a shopping list (just in case that cute furry face was too distracting.)

As a bonus, you can also download a copy of "Creating a Safe Home for Your Cat".  Cats and kittens are like toddlers - If allowed, they will get into everything... even the dangerous stuff.  Here is a general list of common household spots to protect from curious paws.

Grab a FREE copy of how to create a safe room and safe home for your new little fur baby

Feel like you may need some extra guidance on introducing your new cat to your resident pets?  Each cat and home is unique and a downloadable instruction list may not be suitable for you.


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Playtime... it's fun for you and your cat!

Does your cat seem "bored" with all the toys scattered on the floor?  "Play Therapy for Cats" is loaded with some helpful tips, including 5 Reasons to play with your cat, types of toys, how to choose the right toy, tips on how to play with your cat (and really work their brains), as well as some helpful "Don't"s.

Books for your pet parenting library:

"Think Like a Cat" by Pam Johnson-Bennett (or any book by her!) Lots of good information on multiple topics.

Cat trainer near Snellville, GA -Think Like A Cat book cover

"Clicker Training for Cats" by Karen Pryor for anyone interested in what clicker training is and what to do with a cat. 

Cat trainer near Snellville, GA - Picture of Clicker Training for Cats book cover


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"Brain Games for Cats" by Claire Arrowsmith has pages of fun activities to keep your kitty active and mentally stimulated.

Cat trainer near Snellville, GA - Brain Games for Cats book cover

"Facing Farewell: Making the Decision to Euthanize Your Pet" by Julie Reck, DVM - No one wants to think about living life without their pet, their companion, their friend.  Unfortunately, every pet owner will experience this loss at some point in time.  While no resource available will totally prepare you for this, "Facing Farewell" gently guides the reader through the process of making these tough decisions before they need to be made.  

Cat trainer and pet sitter near Snellville, GA -Picture of Facing Farewell book cover
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