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 How Can a Certified Cat Trainer Help You?

Imagine being able to cook in your kitchen without the cat jumping on the counter (or stealing your food.) 


Or having your cat walk into her carrier on cue for a visit at the veterinarian's office.  

What would you do with the extra time when your cat's care becomes an easy and stressfree process? 

Each 45 minute training session consists of a demo of what each step looks like, a brief practice session with you training, and written step-by-step detailed instructions to be used as a guide in between our meetings.  Soooo....

 What Would You Like Your Cat To Do?

"Stay off That" (like tables, counters)

Grooming Made Easy (brushing coat, nail trims, brushing teeth)

Show off the cuteness - such as Meerkat sits, Give you a High 5

Go to Carrier on cue

Prepare for Traveling or Road Trips

Wear a Collar or Harness for Walks

Happy Vet Visits

and more!


*Please note, while each cat learns on an individual basis, these behaviors typically need more than 2 sessions.

New Client Forms:




Currently, In-home services are only offered in the North Georgia region.

*Additional fee may apply to locations outside service area.*

Please see my Covid-19 Safety Protocols here for more information about in-home visits.

Accepted forms of payment - Credit or debit cards, Venmo app, cash, and checks.  Please plan to provide full payment before the appointment.


If you are not sure I can help you, or if you want to train a behavior not listed, please book a free 15 minute phone consult

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