In-Home Pet Care

Whether you are going on vacation, stuck in the office, or otherwise unable to take care of your pets, call me!  My knowledge and dedication will give you peace of mind knowing that your cats will be taken care of.


Within 10 miles of here - $36 for the first 45 minutes

Between 10 - 15 miles of here - $41 for first 45 minutes

$15 for each additional 30 minutes

* Posted time slots are based on a 1-2 pet household.

During each 45 minute visit, I will track and monitor food intake, provide hands-on time with petting, cuddles, brushing, and ensure that your furbaby's physical and emotional well being is provided for.  For extremely shy kitties, I won't force any interaction but will try to help build her confidence by offering playtime or a favorite treat. 


Overnight visits: (each visit will be between 10-12 hours in length) $85 per night


Cat Walks: Single 20 minute walk - $30

                    Package of 4 - $108

                    Package of 9 - $229.50

(Leash trained cats only)

Giving your cat access to the outdoors is a wonderful opportunity for her to stay mentally and physically active.  However, there are lots of dangers that kitty can be exposed to, such as fleas, traffic, and predators.  I recommend that all outdoor visits should be supervised by using either an enclosed space, such as a secured screened-in patio or walking on a harness and leash.  If you have already trained your cat to go on walks, but your schedule is preventing you from keeping this routine, let me help you by conveniently filling in when needed.

Play Sessions:  Single 20 minute session - $20

                            Package of 4 sessions - $72


Let kitty burn off some extra energy, and calories, while keeping her mentally active with a play session.


  • Nail trims - $8 per cat - Don't have time to make an appointment with your vet or groomer to get a nail trim?  Add this service while I'm already there for a visit!

  • Nail cap placement - $5 per cat - If you are looking to protect your furniture, and want to dress up your kitty just a little for the holiday, nail caps are a cute option.

  • Mini Training - $15 one-time additional charge - Want to see if your cat can be trained, but not sure if it's possible?  Try a Mini Train! I will start training your cat on the desired behavior while you are away and show you the cues on the return key visit. (Training will depend on the number of days I will be in the home and desired behavior.)

Please see my Covid-19 Safety Protocols here for more information about in-home visits.
















































Currently, Pet Sitting, Cat Walking, Dog Walks, and Play Sessions services are only offered in Lilburn, Snellville, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Tucker, and Loganville GA.

Accepted forms of payment - Credit or debit cards, Venmo app, cash, and checks.  Please plan to provide full payment before the appointment.

If you are not sure I can help you, please go ahead and book a free 15-minute phone consult 

Mental wellness is also important - here is 

Charlotte with one of her foraging toys.